Whether for your own garden, as a source of occasional income, or to kickstart your new glamping business, treehouses make stunning additions to any space. However, with a complex planning process, a host of options on the market and many potential pitfalls, excitement can quickly change to apprehension without expert guidance.

Here at Tre3dom, we create modern, adaptable spaces for hospitality businesses or individual enjoyment. With the bespoke guidance of our treehouse experts, our clients have created everything from tranquil yoga studios and garden offices to highly successful glamping retreats.

In this blog, we provide the ultimate guide to treehouse consultancy services and explain how a consultant could help you.

Benefits of Treehouse Consultancy

Improves Chances of Planning Approval

Treehouse consultants know all the ins and outs of the planning application process. Getting an expert on board early in the process is much more likely to result in a realistic and feasible proposition. Your consultant will manage everything, helping you create a comprehensive and detailed application with supplementary computer generated visuals and market research. As a result, your Local Planning Authority will be able to gain a full understanding of the project’s potential, and is much more likely to give its approval.

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Bespoke to Your Space

Every outdoor space is different, and every treehouse should be too! Working with a treehouse consultant to plan, design, and build your luxury treehouse means the final product will be totally bespoke to its environment – as well as your requirements from it. The result is a treehouse that suits the space visually and practically, and a higher quality of finish.

Industry Expertise

For newcomers to the glamping game, the guidance of an expert can help you get your new business off to the best start. Glamping is a booming business and can be highly competitive. A treehouse consultant will be able to assess the feasibility of your intended project and provide recommendations on a range of important matters such as design, planning, and even financing. If you’re looking to create a treehouse eco-retreat, a consultant can help set you up for success.

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Reduces Risk

From planning to design to build, there are many potential pitfalls on the way to achieving the treehouse retreat of your dreams. Working with an expert will help you avoid common mistakes and mishaps that could prove highly disruptive and even costly. As discussed, consultancy will also improve your chances of planning application success.

Expedites Process

From start to finish, having your treehouse project managed by an expert will streamline all stages of the process, allowing you to proceed at full speed. They’ll ensure the project meets your timescale, and even provide professional guidance during handover to get your glamping business off to the best start. Tre3dom consultancy can also comprise beautiful photography and the production of bespoke treehouse brochure, enabling you to start renting right away.

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How Does Treehouse Consultancy Work?

Professional consultancy has the potential to take your treehouse project from pipe dream to viable reality. Here’s a rundown of the process with Tre3dom.

Project Potential

First, we assess the potential of your project, as well as its viability in a crowded glamping market. Over the course of an initial consultation and feasibility study, we’ll get to know you and your site, talking through ideas, visiting the space if necessary and understanding the unique specificities of your proposition. Then, we’ll create a strategic project plan covering everything from budget to timeframe to design vision, and help you work out your plan for financing.

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Planning Permission

Planning permission is usually required for treehouses, and our consultants take ownership of the process on your behalf. We create a preliminary design and, once approved, submit a pre-planning application to the council. Following their feedback, we’ll develop the full, highly detailed planning application comprising site plan, proposed sections and elevations, ecology reports, and more. With our help, your Local Planning Authority will gain a comprehensive understanding of your treehouse project, its benefits to the local community and economy, and the proposed look and feel.

Finalised Design

Approval granted, we envision your treehouse. We think through every detail of your project, from technical design to mechanical engineering to landscaping to interior design. Incorporating bespoke joinery where required to achieve your aims, we source all the materials, fixtures and fittings necessary to bring your treehouse to life. As part of our design service, we create computer generated visuals to help you experience the finished look and feel of your treehouse and make sure it’s as you imagined it.

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The Build

Our in-house team manage the entire construction process of your treehouse from beginning to end. This consists of site management, overseeing trusted sub-contractors, admin, material and equipment sourcing, regular inspections and fortnightly progress reports. We’re passionate about using local materials where possible and ensuring our treehouses have a minimal impact on their environments. Shell built, we get to work fitting out the interior, creating the desired finish, and crafting bespoke joinery if required.

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With lifespan in excess of 50 years, our treehouses are going to be around for while. That’s why aftercare is just as important to our treehouse consultancy process as every other stage. Our bespoke handover process comes with a full range of warrantees, guarantees, defects liability and public liability cover. We’ll even take stunning photographs for your marketing materials and produce brochures on request so you can get your business off to a flying start.

Sustainable, Modern Treehouse Consultants & Builders

Whatever your vision, Tre3dom can bring it to life. With design flair, the highest quality British materials, technical expertise and market understanding, we help our customers achieve their treehouse project aims time after time.

If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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