Why, What, Who?

Why treehouses?
What exactly are these garden pods?
Who are the designers and builders of these contemporary structures?

The treehouse holiday letting business has been such a success in so many ways; not only has it been booked non-stop but it has given me the freedom to run my own business from home. – Treehouse Owner


Treehouses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for adults seeking to escape the traps of the city; they provide a quiet place to recharge the batteries and indulge in nostalgic memories.

Capturing and offering this experience, therefore can provide a unique investment opportunity.

TRE3DOM design and build modular structures that can be easily adapted for your needs; an accommodation solution or perhaps a garden office.

Private landowners and farmers can start rental businesses and hotels, resorts and glamping operations can offer a new experience, in the form of a treehouse, to their customers. This is an opportunity to diversify business lines and achieve yields of up to 50%.

Or owners may simply be craving extra space, another room or an outside sanctuary to focus or to switch off and get back to nature.


TRE3DOM design and build contemporary adaptable spaces. They are modular units that can sit on the ground or in the trees and can be as big or small as the customer would like.

Using cutting-edge, technically innovative methods, creative design and the highest-quality British materials, TRE3DOM delivers beautiful, adaptable, low impact spaces for outdoor living, working and playing.

With a life cycle of over 50 years, all of our structures have longevity and prove an excellent office space or investment for young professionals or those looking to start a holiday letting business respectively.


TRE3DOM has been born through a love of the outdoors and a deep family connection. It was founded by a father and two sons; the ‘3’ in TRE3DOM representing each of its founders.

In the picture you will see David in the middle, Huw on the left and Owen on the right. Each partner brings a unique skill-set to the table while sharing a vision for fun, sustainable design.

Their mission is to create beautiful contemporary spaces that give people the opportunity to switch off and get back to nature.

TRE3DOM’s journey began in late 2018 when the designs for Orchard rooms, our prototype, were born. Our goal was to test the business case in our own backyard and truly understand the investment opportunity for potential clients.

Orchard rooms was completed in April 2019. We put it on the market in May and it has had 95% occupancy ever since, hence projected to pay back the initial investment in under three years.

My journey into design and architecture has given me the understanding of how valuable an inspiration nature can be.

This and an interest in maths has led to a fascination in sacred geometry; the numbers and patterns that resonate throughout nature. Many of TRE3DOM’s main design concepts are derived from sacred geometry.