1508, 2022

Do You Need Planning Permission for Garden Rooms/Buildings?

Envisioning your dream garden room is exciting, but planning permission has the potential to scupper your plans. Luckily, you may be able to create a structure without applying at all! Even if your plans do make approval necessary, the process isn’t nearly as complicated as people make out. At Tre3dom, we’ve helped homeowners all over the

1407, 2022

The Process of Getting a Treehouse: From Concept to Build

Treehouse are uniquely evocative structures, recalling childhood dens and facilitating dreams of escape into nature. Taking your treehouse from concept to build can seem like a mammoth task, but it’s much simpler with an expert project team on your side. With extensive experience across every aspect of treehouse design, planning, and construction, we’re here to help

2806, 2022

Treehouse Feasibility Studies – What is a Feasibility Study?

The early stages of a treehouse project are important. It’s here that you define the way you approach the build, and your ideas first come to life. A feasibility study is invaluable at this point, allowing you evaluate your project properly before launching into anything. Not only will this protect you from risk, but it will

1705, 2022

Top Tips for Successful Treehouse Planning Permission Application

Before embarking on your treehouse construction project, you’ll need to get planning consent. Though 75% of applications in the UK are approved, the planning permission process can be confusing and stressful to the uninitiated – especially when you just want to start creating your garden oasis! Tre3dom has helped new and established holiday let businesses as

1504, 2022

A Guide to Treehouse Consultancy Services – What Can a Consultant Do for You?

Whether for your own garden, as a source of occasional income, or to kickstart your new glamping business, treehouses make stunning additions to any space. However, with a complex planning process, a host of options on the market and many potential pitfalls, excitement can quickly change to apprehension without expert guidance. Here at Tre3dom, we create