1504, 2022

A Guide to Treehouse Consultancy Services – What Can a Consultant Do for You?

Whether for your own garden, as a source of occasional income, or to kickstart your new glamping business, treehouses make stunning additions to any space. However, with a complex planning process, a host of options on the market and many potential pitfalls, excitement can quickly change to apprehension without expert guidance. Here at Tre3dom, we create

3103, 2022

Finance for Glamping Treehouses – How to Finance A Treehouse Glamping Business

Glamping has taken over the UK staycation market, becoming the more desirable getaway option to camping. With all the luxuries of a proper bed, private facilities, and all the mod cons, glamping offers holidaymakers the luxury of hotels, comfort of home, and adventure of getting away. Landowners, farmers, and even homeowners are exploring the option of

1503, 2022

Do You Need Planning Permission for A Treehouse in the UK?

Beginning a treehouse project is incredibly exciting, but it’s easy to let your ideas run away with you and forget about the stark reality of planning permission. Whether you are looking to take the plunge and launch a glamping business, or just enhance your garden with a bespoke office space, courting the favour of your local

2805, 2021

Best Ways to Heat a Garden Office

Heating is key to creating a cosy and comfortable office space that can be used year-round. Garden offices are not just for summery, sunny days, they can be perfectly temperature controlled 365 days a year. In fact, garden offices are surprisingly simple to heat effectively; although not connected to a house and benefitting from central heating, the