Having a garden is a luxury. A well-maintained garden can add up to 20% to your property value! City dwellers and country folk alike are embracing the chance to get outside, breathe in fresh air and be inspired by nature, especially now post lockdown.

Beautiful gardens are certainly in demand, not just for buyers, but homeowners seeking the perfect outdoor retreat.

Contrary, an unkept, unruly, or worse, bare garden can be undesirable and feel overwhelming. What should be a sanctuary is instead an embarrassing eye sore that you quickly shuffle guests past.

However, with just a few simple additions and minimal changes, you can transform your garden into the nature-filled haven it should be. Whether you are looking to totally transform your garden or simply switch it up with some quirky trimmings, here are top ways to transform the look and feel of your garden.

The best ways to transform the look and feel of your garden…


Although a ‘wild’ garden may sound neglected, letting some of your garden grow as nature desires will breathe life into your outdoor spaces, increasing biodiversity. Planting trees and watch them grow over the years, will create a gorgeous coppiced woodland area. You’ll be amazed at colourful meadow flowers that begin to appear and the beautiful butterfly’s and birds that feed off them.

Decorate existing features

If you have a plain wall, get some colourful planters and attach eye-catching flowers to the wall. Consider painting old tins or even wellington boots to add colour! This is a great way to mix things up if your garden space is limited. Stacked planters are also a useful alternative for small spaces.

However, for the more detail orientated, try to replicate a Victorian rose garden, with fine lines and carefully planned colourful displays.

Bring the inside, outside

Al fresco dining is the perfect way to spend a fine summers’ evening, so make your garden into a dreamy escape with all the furniture you need. Ordinary tables and chairs will do the job but create a holiday feel by theming your outdoor area. Find mismatching chairs, a unique table and even a rug to transport your back garden to another country.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit quirky and non-traditional – your garden, your rules! Outdoor mirrors are a great way to make your garden seem bigger and include indoor aspects in your garden.

Include a treehouse

Fulfil your childhood dreams and get a treehouse for your garden! Who doesn’t want a stunning yet practical garden escape?!

Not only do treehouses fit in with the environment and create a talking point, they can be extremely useful as guest accommodation – and even profitable as a B&B.

Don’t forget about all the exciting treehouse accessories you can add on too! From a luxury spa to a swing for the kids, you can craft your dream with the right accessories.

Transform your garden into a dreamy retreat with TRE3DOM. View our stunning treehouses to get inspired.

Or, alternatively…

Get a garden pod

Are you finding yourself and your family needing more space?

Our pods are just like our treehouse but without the legs and the hassle of planning permission. Garden pods can be the perfect garden sanctuary or an office away from all the distractions at home. With stunning views through large windows and a design tailored for your required needs, your garden pod will quickly become your favourite place.

Garden pods make for a great studio, spare bedroom or garden office; far enough away from all the noise but close enough to home to pop back for lunch! If you are getting used to working from home, check out our top tips for utilising your garden pod for home working.

Let there be light

Good lighting can be overlooked when transforming a garden. Super bright floodlights may overwhelm the space and distracts from the cosy vibes. Instead, try spotlighting and focusing attention on entertaining areas.

Hanging fairy lights or colourful bulbs adds a playful and quirky touch. Recycle old wine bottles by filling them with candles for the ultimate romantic table décor.

Get solar powered lighting to save money and energy – win win!


Keep your eyes peeled for unusual materials or objects going for free, you can do some DIY and create garden decorations from almost anything! Driftwood, for example, is incredibly versatile and can be a tabletop decoration, candle holder, or even a planter.

Don’t neglect all the things gathering dust in your garage either! Spare pallets make for great tables or even outdoor bars. Leftover bricks can become a pizza oven or BBQ. Even an old wooden boat can be crafted into a lovebird seating – you are limited only by your imagination!

Using quirky objects in your garden means there is always something fun to catch your eye.

Get Started with TRE3DOM

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