Beginning a treehouse project is incredibly exciting, but it’s easy to let your ideas run away with you and forget about the stark reality of planning permission. Whether you are looking to take the plunge and launch a glamping business, or just enhance your garden with a bespoke office space, courting the favour of your local authority is essential.

TRE3DOM design and build luxury, eco-friendly treehouse structures using British materials and innovative methods. We also provide a full treehouse consultancy service, guiding our clients through the planning process from start to finish, concept to build.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about UK planning permission for treehouses.

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Treehouse?

Typically, all treehouse developments in the UK will require planning permission. In fact, any new structure over 4 metres tall will. More than that, if you are setting up a glamping business, you will need to get consent for change of land use and additional permission for any utilities that you want to install on the site e.g., kitchen facilities, bathroom, parking.

Considering the above, it’s important you consult with your Local Planning Authority (LPA) before you start your treehouse project. If you carry out any building work without obtaining permission, you will be ordered to undo everything. A specialist treehouse consultant can guide you through the application process from beginning to end, giving you the best chances of success.

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What Factors Affect Planning Permission Applications for Treehouses?

Applications for treehouse glamping planning permission are often considered in a favourable light by local councils, as they have the potential to boost the local economy and drive tourism. If the land in question is part of an operational farm, your chances increase even further as farm diversification is often actively encouraged.

Despite this, certain factors will make the process trickier, including:

  • Negative impact on neighbour privacy.
  • Overshadowing or light loss.
  • Parking situation and access.
  • Highway safety and traffic considerations.
  • Potential noise and disruption.
  • Listed Building, Conservation Area, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status.
  • Current Government policy.
  • Previous planning decisions in the area.

If one or more of these factors is likely to have an influence on your project, it’s crucial to enlist the help of an expert treehouse consultant. We’ll help you optimise your application, making approval much more likely.

Treehouse Planning Permission Process

Working alongside a range of external planning experts, we can help you achieve approval for the treehouse of their dreams. Here’s a quick rundown of the process with TRE3DOM.

Project Plan & Site Visit

After a free initial consultation, we work closely with you to formulate a tailored project plan and conduct a feasibility study. This can be done virtually, but we highly recommend arranging a site visit to allow us to truly assess the planning limitations and design possibilities. We’ll also explore the project’s commercial viability, providing you with plenty of information to inform the application.

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Preliminary Design & Pre-Planning Application

Our talented architectural team offer up some initial design ideas depending on the project scope. From the Hexagon, to the Pentagon, to our Bespoke Treehouses, we offer a range of design options. Working with our in-house experts and trusted external planning consultants, we then put together a proposal for a Design Review Panel.

Once approved, we work towards managing and submitting a pre-planning application. This will provide an insight into the council’s view on your proposition, saving you time and money in the long run. The council may suggest changes or recommend certain surveys be carried out before the full application is submitted, all of which go on to increase the chances of a successful application.

Full Planning Application

With all signs pointing towards approval, we submit the full application for you. The aim of this is to provide as much information as possible about the project, allowing the council to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision and assess the merits and impacts of the proposition. This application will expand on information already provided in the pre-planning application. It will include a site plan, proposed sections and elevations, drainage plans, access drawings, market research, ecology reports, and landscaping plans. We will also create full architectural visualisations using computer generated imagery or walk throughs, helping the council fully understand the project’s look and feel.


If objections or issues are raised, the application may be called before a committee who will make a collective decision. You will be given the opportunity to address this committee or have your consultant do so on your behalf for a maximum time of 3 minutes. If no objections are raised or the committee vote in favour of your project, you will have the permission necessary to proceed – success!

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How Long Will It Take to Get Planning Permission for My Treehouse?

The time it takes to get planning permission for your treehouse will depend upon a number of factors, including the LPA’s workload, the sensitivity of the location, and the complexity of the proposed project. Typically, though, it will take the LPA 20-28 days to approve planning permission once all the documents are submitted, however this can extended if further assessments are required.

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Treehouse Planning Permission & Consultancy Services

TRE3DOM specialises in supporting clients as they embark on successful treehouse development projects from initial concept to finished build. We help you navigate the sometimes-thorny process of applying for planning permission, and make your treehouse dreams a reality.

Find out more about our consultancy service or get in touch to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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