If you are looking to maximise your productivity while working from home or are looking to create a dedicated space for your business, a garden office could be the perfect solution.

Garden offices are ideal for creating a work/life balance while working from home, making space for your business without a costly extension to your house, and also providing a private personal space without others.

Here we explain some of our top tips for how you can create your own amazing garden office.

Tips for Creating an Amazing Garden Office

Let in Light

Your office in the garden is outside in nature, so embrace it! Bright natural light and a sea of green certainly beats the office. Sunshine naturally boosts your mood and helps you stay calm and focused, perfect for a workspace. Let in the natural light with big windows, glass doors and roof lights. You can even optimise the natural light your garden office receives by positioning it to get the most sunlight.

Just don’t forget to put in some electric lighting too for those dark evenings and gloomy days! At TRE3DOM we use a SMART lighting system with low energy LED strips in our garden office pods to provide the perfect lighting whatever the weather.

Make it Weatherproof

While it would be ideal to be able to simply sit at a table outside and work away in the hot sun, the reality of British weather is far removed from the dream. It is critical that your garden office is able to withstand weather conditions and protect the interior – especially you and the electronics!

Not only should your garden office be adequately sturdy and watertight but it should be insulated too. Having a garden office that is only useable in the summer is less than ideal, therefore installing proper insulation, an electric heater, or even a log burner, can make all the difference and result in a year-round garden office.

Have Amenities and Luxuries

For a garden office, the essentials include a desk, chair, light and power connection for electronics. But to make your garden office amazing, don’t stop with the minimum.

Have a comfy sofa for visitors or screen breaks, a mini fridge and coffee machine for snacks and refreshments, a bookshelf for classic reads, and so on. Just because the garden space is primarily a home office doesn’t mean it has to be bland or uninviting. Instead, it should be a personal space you can use for your work and creative outlets. The added bonus of having all you need in your garden office is that you then have less reason to pop inside your home, disrupting the work/life balance.

Personalise Décor

Pick a theme that suits your tastes and creative mindset then adapt it to be your own. It’s your garden office and you should feel happy and comfortable there! Whether you prefer plain white walls, minimalistic furniture and plenty of plants, or a rustic look with walls lined with books, decorate as you wish. The more content you are in your garden office, the more creative and calm you will feel.

Need inspiration for office décor? Check out our blog on creative office spaces.

Switch Uses

The best garden offices have multiple uses, making the most out of the available space and investment. Creating other uses can be as simple as having workout equipment in there too, or a pull-out sofa bed to transform the space. Whatever other informal use of the space can be found, whether it be as a yoga studio, social space, reading room, hobby room or art studio, is worth exploring to maximise the available area.

It’s important to consider what the garden office can be when not working, either on weekends or if near retirement. View your garden office as a multipurpose room that can be adapted to fit your needs as they change over the years.

Garden Office Ideas

Refurbished Shed

Creating an office out of an old shed or Wendy house is a great way to stop it from going to waste. If it is in decent condition, all that needs to happen is a clear out, clean and maybe a lick of paint. It may not create the warmest or cosiest of spaces, but it is certainly an upcycling option.

Garden Pod

Garden pods are contemporary modular structures, expertly designed and built just for you and your garden. These pods are the perfect creative space to dedicate to your work and creative outlets, making for the perfect garden office, or even yoga studio or social space! Built for longevity, garden pods are perfect long-term additions to your home.

At TRE3DOM, we craft our garden pods with the user and the environment in mind, following our ‘low impact’ philosophy. Working with locally sourced sustainable timber, we ensure all our creations have minimal environmental impact while maintaining powerful aesthetic impact for decades to come. Users benefit from underfloor heating, effective insulation, LED SMART lighting systems, optional power and water connections, and so much more with our garden pods.

Simply choose your geometric design to begin! If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team or check out our FAQs section.

Repurposed Outbuilding

If you have an existing outbuilding in your garden that isn’t used, then you can create a garden office from this space, such as a garage, storage room or potting shed. As the infrastructure is likely already pretty sound, the main focus of repurposing will be clearing out and creating a workable space.

Garden Office Pods from TRE3DOM

Here at TRE3DOM, we craft high-quality contemporary garden pods and treehouses for a variety of uses that make stunning additions to any garden. Increasingly, we’ve seen our garden pods used as home offices and creative spaces, making for the perfect private garden escape. We work closely with you from start to finish to ensure perfection and craft a structure you can be proud of.

Get in touch to get started on your new garden office pod!

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