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Garden Pods

These are adaptable contemporary structures that can be used as offices, a guest room, a studio, the options are endless…

The Garden Pod is a premium product that comes in two distinct designs; the Hexagon and the Pentagon – or we can help you design and build a bespoke pod.

Due to the modular nature of the pod, each design can be as big or small as the customer would like. We have created an adaptable space that can be used for multiple purposes; an office, an extra bedroom, studio, games room etc. TRE3DOM collaborates with the customer to ensure an interior that fits their specific needs.

Garden Pods do not require planning permission, can be hand-assembled onsite in under a month and have screwpiles as foundations (therefore not requiring cement). They are low impact structures that leave no trace.

For more information about ‘why’ we are launching Garden Pods and tips for working from home, please click the link below and visit our blog.