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Inspired by nature’s own honey bee; the hexagon fits seamlessly into any environment.

Basic geometric shapes communicate universal qualities common to all cultures. Practical design integrates them appropriately. – Maggie Macnab

Pod from

£22,800 +VAT

2 Person Treehouse from

£82,800 +VAT

4 Person Treehouse from

£100,800 +VAT

The hexagon can be found across the natural world from snowflakes to honeycombs. Bees have utilized the properties of the hexagon creating strong and efficient hives for a millennia. Our hexagon design can be stretched and pulled to suit your specific needs. Multiple units can also be stacked and/or adjoined in a honeycomb formation increasing size, capacity and possible number of rooms.

Our hexagon pods have been designed to sit on the ground or in the canopy (as treehouses); suspended with cables attached to the surrounding trees and/or supported by a bespoke platform. The modular nature of the design means they can be as big or small as the customer would like and the choice of local materials makes each TRE3DOM units unique.

The modular construction methodology allows adaptable, low impact structures that can be easily assembled on site. An Integrated SMART lighting system, underfloor heating and MVHR come as standard. All structures are steel reinforced and highly insulated giving increased stability and creating an efficient and comfortable internal space that can be used year-round.

  • Length; any length in multiples of 1.2m is possible
  • Height; Small – 2.8m, Medium – 3.8m, Large – 4.8m
  • Low impact build methodology, including screw pile foundations (no concrete required)
  • Construct by hand onsite (no heavy machinery required). Complicated access is not a problem
  • Choice of quality add-ons
  • Choice of interior finish to suit individual needs
  • Potential to attach pods (honeycomb configuration) increasing no of rooms, size and capacity
  • Off grid capability
2.4m 3.6m 4.8m 6.0m 7.2m 8.4m
Small (D / 2.8m ) £22,800 £29,200 £35,600 £42,000 £48,400 £54,800
Medium (D / 3.8m ) £25,400 £32,600 £39,800 £47,000 £54,200 £61,400
Large (D / 4.8m ) £27,600 £35,400 £43,200 £51,000 £58,800 £66,600

*All prices are not including VAT.
** Clients can have a pod as big or small as they would, like in multiples of 1.2m.