Ready to start your glamping empire? Eager to get on with your luxury holiday let? Unfortunately, planning permission does need to be considered, and some holiday let projects will need approval before they can get going. But, with the world of planning often vague and always complex, it can be hard to know where to begin.

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In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about planning permission for holiday lets like treehouses.

Planning Permission for Holiday Lets, Explained

Holiday let planning permission can be a minefield. Information on the subject can be contradictory and confusing, and it’s tricky to find a clear answer – the reason being, there are none! Planning permission is often a matter of degree, and the specifics of your situation will determine whether it is necessary as well as your chances of approval. Often, it depends on the type of structure your holiday let will be.

Residential Property

If you want to let a room in your house, for example, and start a B&B, planning permission probably won’t be required. This is because holiday lets are in the same use class as houses, and therefore don’t present what is known as a ‘material change of use’. For homeowners who have a mortgage, however, you’ll want to check with your lender as this may be a breach of your terms – particularly if you want to let the whole property.

Existing Holiday Let

Planning permission isn’t required for properties that have previously been used as holiday lets, as long as you don’t make any physical changes to the building. The land is undergoing no material change of use, in this case, and the local area and amenities are accustomed to this commercial activity.

Movable Structure

If you want to start a holiday let, a movable structure typically won’t require planning permission thanks to the Caravan Act. This is provided the structure doesn’t require significant foundations. Types of movable structures commonly used for holiday lets include – you guessed it! – caravans, shepherd huts, and airstreams.

Converted Outbuilding

Often, converting an existing outbuilding doesn’t require planning permission either. This is because it falls under your ‘permitted development rights’. The government actively encourages the diversification of farms, so landowners can feel free to convert as they please, so long as the changes are not structurally significant. Also, if the outbuilding in question is listed or in a conservation area, you should definitely check with your Local Planning Authority (LPA).

New Structure

A new structure is likely to need planning permission if it is over 4 metres tall, and so will any extensions that are at the front of a property, next to a road, or near a boundary. Extensions behind the house may fall under permitted development rights. Certain new structures don’t require planning permission, though, like our Garden Pods for example!

Do You Need Planning Permission for Holiday Let Treehouses?

So, considering the above, let’s return to the original question. Treehouses typically do require planning permission. This is because they’re new, non-movable structures, and they can impact your neighbours’ views. If you live in a Conservation Area, National Park, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the information you supply will need to be even more detailed to make sure the new structure doesn’t have a negative impact on local heritage or biodiversity.

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How Long Does Planning Permission for Holiday Let Treehouses Take?

Your LPA will aim to get a decision to you as quickly as possible, but it can often take a long time. For projects like treehouses, the process can take around 20-28 weeks. If the application is more complex and requires environment surveys and impact assessments, however, this increases by another 6-8 weeks.

Working with one of our consultants is the best way to make sure you can start your treehouse project as quickly as possible. We’ll work closely with you to create a detailed application comprising market research, technical drawings, and much more. With our consultants on your side, you can feel confident of planning success. Talk to us about your project today!

How Much Does Planning Permission for Holiday Let Treehouses Cost?

Planning permission applications do come with a fee, which is why we place such an emphasis on the pre-planning application here at Tre3dom – saving you money down the line as any surveys paid for can be reused. You will have to pay for an initial site assessment, as well as any structural or environmental surveys and impact assessments. For an accurate overview of the possible costs, why not download our free guide to planning permission and financing?

Your Expert Guide to Planning Permission for Holiday Lets

If you’ve got your sights set on starting a holiday let, our professional treehouse consultants are here to help you navigate the process. Our luxury, eco treehouses are as stylish as they are practical, sure to provide an unforgettable experience for your future guests. To start your project and discuss all the details, feel free to give us a call. We’ll conduct a feasibility study, create stunning 3D designs, and help you through every step of the planning permission process. Then, it’s time to build!

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