In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, workplaces have been forced to adapt the way in which they conduct their every-day operation. The onset of the pandemic in early 2020 saw millions of businesses turn to home-based working as a solution to stay-at-home restrictions imposed by the Government. Over twelve months later, the majority of businesses continue to work from home. On one hand, many workers have become well-adjusted to the work from home lifestyle. On the other, some continue to find home based working extremely challenging.

One of the greatest challenges associated with working from home is self-motivation. In the absence of workplace pressures and routines, it is easy to feel unmotivated. While some businesses contemplate their return to the office, many will continue to work from home for some time. It is anticipated that many workforces will adopt a more flexible approach that incorporates both office and home working. As a result of this, refining your methods of self-motivation will have long term benefits.

The following guide will offer a range of recommendations for staying motivated whilst working from home.

Spend Time Outside

The work from home lifestyle leaves little room for outdoor stimulation. With workers often spending hours at a time indoors, taking breaks to step outside is vitally important. Limited access to fresh air not only results in feelings of sluggishness and faltering motivation, it can also reduce quality of work

One of the easiest remedies for this issue is setting aside time to spend outside. Doing so allows workers to feel refreshed and ready to concentrate. It is also widely regarded that spending time outdoors actively reduces stress. A workforce that feels less stressed is also a workforce that gets things done! Exploring new and unfamiliar environments is also said to encourage creative thinking and improve focus, so stepping outside and exploring poses benefits for both your health and professional work.

Make Time to Exercise

Many of the world’s most successful professionals reference the importance of exercise within their daily routine. Setting aside time in the day to participate in physical activity is a proven method of relieving stress and optimising motivation. Also, the comparatively inactive nature of home-working makes prioritising exercise more important than ever. The work-from-home lifestyle forces workers to spend large amounts of time sat down looking at screens, so exercise helps break this cycle and allows you to refocus.

The host of exercise routines available online also ensures that exercise is accessible and convenient during busy working days.


It is without doubt that working from home makes maintaining a daily routine challenging. Without the structure that ‘normal’ work adds to our days, it’s easy to lose track of time. With no commute and reduced time pressures it is tempting to spend longer in bed in the mornings or head to sleep later at night. However, sleep plays a vital role in shaping your day. When working from home, many people aim to establish routines that see them wake up and start the day early, as to allow for a more structured morning that includes eating a healthy breakfast, setting up their work space or even exercising prior to starting work.

In addition, establishing a clear working from home routine offers structure within the flexible home environment. Deliberately structuring your day boasts a host of mental health benefits such as increased concentration and greater stability of mood. Taking steps to ensure that your routine contributes positively to your mental health will have a positive knock-on effect to other areas of life, such as motivation and productivity at work.

Write Lists

A particularly popular method of keeping on track and staying motivated is writing lists. Depending on your particular needs, the complexity of your list making can vary. Some may choose to write a large weekly list that can be checked off over a series of days, others may opt for a daily list that gives them a shorter, more particular view of what is to be done before signing off.

Lists can be done by hand on paper, in designated list books, even using online software. Lists offer a user a visual insight into their progress through a set of required tasks. As previously mentioned, the flexibility of work from home can make it easy to lose track of time. Consulting a list may act as a reminder of workload and can stop a ten-minute task turning into one that takes an hour!

Create a Space Dedicated to Work

One of the most common difficulties experienced by those working from home is finding a suitable workspace. Finding a place that limits distractions while also providing sufficient room for work can be challenging, especially for households with more than one person working from home. For those without indoor offices, working from home may take the form of hours sat at a communal kitchen table or even on the edge of beds due to lack of options. Working in a space that is uncomfortable or unenjoyable is likely to dampen your enthusiasm for work.

With the popularity of working from home set to continue, it may be the ideal time to consider investing in a designated workspace. Here at TRE3DOM we offer variety of premium garden and office pods. Our expertly designed pods can be tailored to your requirements and offer a luxurious and enjoyable alternative to other household working stations. Investing in one of our unique spaces would allow for productive work in an environment that limits distractions. Investing in a workspace that you enjoy spending time in is certain to boost motivation – you might even find yourself looking forward starting work in the mornings!

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