Following the global outbreak of Covid-19, working at home has become more common across organisations in a whole host of industries. People are being encouraged to work remotely rather than commute to the office, and for many, working from home is likely to be the ‘new normal’; at least for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve replaced the office for your home and are looking for ways to ensure you’re productive, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ve explained our top tips for effectively working from home.

Whether you work from home permanently, once or twice a week or sporadically throughout the year, this guide provides advice and recommendations suitable for all scenarios.

Create a Dedicated Office Space

For many, the biggest challenge of working from home is replicating the structured office environment. Although it can be tempting to work on your bed or sofa, try to keep your spaces that you associate with leisure and relaxation separate from work. If possible, create a dedicated workspace, like a spare bedroom.

If you don’t have a desk or spare room available to create your home-office in, one solution to consider is investing in a premium and contemporary garden pod. Unique and sustainable, these structures are ideal for those in need of a fit-for-purpose home office. Featuring large windows to create a light space, these offices are self-contained and come fully equipped with insulation, plug sockets and many more optional add-ons. They don’t require planning permission and are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so no matter how big or small your garden, you’re sure to find a pod suitable for you and your working needs.

Work Regular Hours & Take Breaks

It’s important to establish clear guidelines for when you’ll be working and when you won’t be working. In order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it is recommended that you maintain and stick to the usual hours you’d be working if you were in the office.

Although you can be slightly flexible to accommodate for things like the school run, setting yourself regular hours will help to keep you focused and accountable. It also makes it easier for other people – including colleagues and clients – to get in touch. Knowing exactly when your working day starts and finishes will help you to avoid slacking off and burning out.

It’s also essential that you take regular breaks throughout the day. Many people get distracted or so engrossed in their work that they simply forget to have a break, but it’s critical you take them as studies have proven it helps to boost productivity. It’s worth noting that doing household chores, like loading the dishwasher, doesn’t count as a break – you wouldn’t be doing them if you were at work, so why should you be doing them now? Be sure to get away from your desk and go for a walk, for example.

Create a Daily Schedule

Once you know your working hours, you can plan ahead and create a schedule of what you’ll be doing and when over the course of the day. From responding to emails and attending conference calls to finalising a client project, create a list of all tasks you need to complete and put in your calendar when in the day you intend to complete them.

It’s easy to lose track of time but by clearly structuring your day you’ll know what needs to be done and you’ll have a deadline to work towards. Those who don’t have a structure for their day in place often end up overworking and forgetting certain tasks.

Get Dressed for Work

Granted, there’s no need to wear a suit and tie when working from home, but you should still pretend like you are going to the office. To help your mind get into ‘work mode’, get out of your pyjamas in the morning and shower, brush your teeth and wear attire that is comfortable but not so much that you’re feeling sleepy or unmotivated.

Communicate with Colleagues

One of the downfalls of working from home is that you can sometimes feel isolated and distanced from your colleagues. To combat this, if you work in a team, regularly check in with your co-workers just like you would in the office – perhaps set-up regular Zoom calls so that no one forgets. It doesn’t have to be just work you speak about; you should also have general chat on a personal level too.

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