Multipurpose rooms are becoming more and more common place in our homes. Working from home and home-schooling look set to continue into 2021, meaning that our homes are becoming more than dedicated living spaces but spaces we work, eat, sleep, learn and socialise in. A well designed multifunctional room can help to unclutter other rooms and make the best use of available space.

Rooms with multiple uses are often used for gyms, offices, guest accommodation, hobby rooms, studios, social space and more. Whether you plan concentration, exercising, socialising, creating or more in your room, here are some multipurpose room ideas and tips.

Multipurpose Room Ideas

Useful Spare Room

The easiest way to use a room for multiple purposes is to not choose a room with a clear dedicated purpose. If possible, it’s best to start from scratch and adapt a space instead of trying to fit purposes into an established room. Once the kids move out, for example, the spare bedrooms left are purposeless, and ideal to readapt. Similarly, any unused nooks, under-stair cupboards, or utility rooms can be easily adapted into spare multipurpose rooms. If space is tight and there are no available rooms, consider looking beyond the usual and into attic rooms or outbuildings.

Utilise All Available Space

To make the most out of a multipurpose room, leave no space without purpose. Corners can be fitted with L-shape furniture or cabinetry to create a hidden office space, walls can be adorned with vertical storage to free-up floor space, and any available worktop space can become a useable desk. Creating a room for multiple purposes means prioritising space, arranging furniture well, and making use of every inch of available storage.

Get Functional and Foldable Furniture

When a room is used for multiple purposes, the furniture within it is crucial. It helps if furniture is functional and facilitates the uses of the room – for example an expandable dining table with foldable chairs can be easily tucked away when not entertaining to create floor space for other uses. Those looking to furnish a multipurpose room should seek furniture with built-in storage, foldable pieces, and transformative dual-purpose additions (such as daybeds).

Garden Pod

Garden pods are the perfect solution for those in need of a multipurpose room but with no space to repurpose in the house. Whether you want a garden office pod, guest space, a teen den or more, a garden room is a great versatile space with the added benefit of being outside the home and away from distraction. Supply your pod with electricity and even water to create the perfect home away from home escape, close enough to the house to ensure just a small commute to the office/gym/studio.

Get inspired with our 7 bespoke garden pod ideas or check out TRE3DOM’s high-quality garden pods.

Invest in Storage

The key to effectively using a space for multiple uses is storage; a room with multiple uses has to store far more than a room with one. With objects cleared away, so much more space is made available for other purposes on surface tops, the floor and more. For certain uses, a lack of clutter may be critical to creating a mindset or feelings of calmness, such as an office or yoga space, requiring clear spaces. Additionally, storage helps to keep a room looking attractive and clean, something guests may appreciate when visiting or even just for homeowners who like tidiness.

Keep Décor Minimal

To keep a room versatile and suitable for all uses, keep décor minimal and tailored to the primary use of the room. If the room is predominantly a home office, for example, it may be preferable to have a neutral background for video calls and keep gym equipment stored out of sight. Similarly, a brightly decorated kids’ playroom may not seamlessly assimilate into a TV den for older kids. White or neutral colours are effective at creating a plain background, which can then be decorated with pictures and complimented by plants to keep a space personal and homely without leaning too much to one use.

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