Office pods have become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially as a growing number of office workers are working from home in light of Covid-19. An office pod affords the privacy and detachment that working from the kitchen table simply doesn’t deliver. Those looking for a dedicated work space and a private area with no children, and a 20-second commute to the garden, an office pod is ideal.

Thinking of creating your perfect office pod? Here is everything you need to know and consider when buying an office pod.

Office Pod Considerations


The material of your office pod is important for a lot of reasons; longevity, durability, sustainability and aesthetics to name a few. It is important your garden pod is able to withstand great British weather, so sturdy materials must be used. At TRE3DOM we use timber housing construction methodologies meaning your pod will last over 50 years. And high performance insultation with an airtight thermal envelope and MVHR ensuring you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Material choice for your office pod can even influence your productivity. Timber is known to have positive effects on moods and reduce stress – perfect for a working environment! If you’re struggling to work from home effectively.

Here at TRE3DOM we hand craft our garden pods with locally sourced sustainable timber cladding to ensure our pods are of a high quality and low impact environmentally.


Depending on how you plan to use you pod and the space available, size can matter. If working in your office pod, it I important to create a comfy and productive atmosphere. Consider furniture and how you plan to fill the space, including what additional uses the pod may have.

TRE3DOM uses a modular construction methodology meaning that pods can be as big or small as the customer would like. Adaptability is at core of all our products giving you the choice and freedom to change your pod as your needs change.

Additional Uses

An office pod doesn’t always have to be an office pod. Perhaps when you retire you would like a yoga studio or mini gym, or even a guest room with a sofa-bed. Fortunately, garden pods are extremely versatile; once in place, you can decorate and use it as you wish. To make the most out of your investment, consider how else your pod may be used and what that may require, for example a shower room or even a sauna.

A garden pod is essentially another part of your home, that just happens to be a contemporary and attractive garden feature.

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Looks aren’t everything, but you want your office pod to look good! Contemporary design is a passion of the TRE3DOM team and inspiration is taken from scared geometry (naturally occurring shapes). Exterior materials, windows and quality design all play into how your office pod will look. It’s important to understand and communicate, right from the initial design stage, just how you would like your dream office pod to look.

Aspects to consider include choice of materials, porch, location and even foundations; a large concrete slab can be an eye-sore. We use screw piles at TRE3DOM, this is a modern and robust way to ground your pod so that cement doesn’t have to be used, saving time, money and the look of your office pod. They also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, leaving no trace if removed.

Once the exterior is designed and built, you can start planning your interior design!


Natural light can help increase focus and productivity, so plenty of large windows are key to creating that comfy and productive working environment you are after. Allowing sunlight to flood your office space will be a welcome change for seasoned office workers, more familiar to windowless rooms and sterile cubicles. Also, the sight of nature can bring peace and relieve stress, making your office pod a place of serenity.

TRE3DOM also incorporates a SMART lighting system with low energy LED strips to ensure you can work into the evening on occasion.

Planning Permission

Before constructing anything in your garden, be sure to check planning permission. Garden pods do not require planning permission and have no concrete foundation, so they leave no trace. As they can be assembled in under a month, office pods are simple and fast way to achieve an effective home working space.

If you are not sure about whether your garden pod would be permitted, for example due to garden size or if you live in an AONB, get in touch with the team at TRE3DOM who offer consultancy throughout your pod design and build.

Get Started With TRE3DOM

The best way to ensure you get the office pod of your dreams is to consult the experts and get a purpose-built garden pod. Here at TRE3DOM, our skilled architectural designers and craftsmen create striking and functional pods and treehouses, with life cycles of over 50 years. Our premium garden pods are the perfect versatile addition to any home, as offices, studios, spare rooms and more. Aside from our stunning creations, we ensure sustainability through responsible material sourcing and low environmental impact designs.

To get started, browse our distinct designs Hexagon and Pentagon, or dream up a bespoke creation. From there, give one of our helpful team a call to begin your journey to your own luxury garden pod.

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