It is no secret people love a countryside retreat. Escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life is the ultimate form of self-care. Embracing fresh air and green landscapes is the stuff of city folk dreams.

But pitching a tent and truly ‘camping’ has lost its touch. In a world of modern mod cons and cutting-edge technology in the palm of our hands, completely cutting off and going entirely back to basics seems outlandish. Its undeniably nostalgic but, nowadays, utterly optional.

Introducing glamping. The modern alternative to escaping to the country. The ever-growing in popularity solution to staycations (going on holiday without going abroad).

What is Glamping?

A smart blend of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, glamping is just that. Camping but with all the home comforts in a semi-permanent construction.

Glamping is the act of leaving all your usual camping equipment at home, driving a few hours on the motorway, and rocking up at your destination with just a toothbrush and pyjamas. Glamping redefines the camping holidays of youth. You are no longer roughing it in the great outdoors, but instead protected from the elements, with hot running water, a proper bed and proper cooking supplies. Hot tubs may not be classed as a camping essential, but they are slowly becoming glamping fundamentals.

Gone are the caravan camping days of old, now is the time for holidaying in yurts, luxury pods, treehouses, train conversions, and even churches.

Is Glamping a Growing Trend?

Since its addition to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016, ‘glamping’ is a term that has stormed the UK holiday market. But glamping is not a growing trend. Glamping is a new way of holidaying, and it is here to stay.

More and more Britons are looking within the UK for their next getaway. In fact, in 2018, over 66% of Britons went on a staycation according to Sykes Holiday Cottages 2019 report. This report also found British holidaymakers expected to take an average of 3 breaks within the UK. With South West England, North Wales, and Cumbria continually the most popular regions for staycations, the whole of the UK is benefitting from the mass shunning of holidays abroad.

This is where glamping comes in. As people choose to stay closer to home, luxurious offerings are appealing. Getting the special treatment and comfort of a 5* hotel without the price tag attracts the Britons looking to get away for shorter periods and less money.

Why is Glamping Getting More Popular?

As the above research shows, UK staycations, and glamping, are getting evermore popular. But why?

The world is smaller than ever; flights are fast, cheap and accessible. Yet it seems going abroad is losing its appeal. Perhaps it is considered too stressful in comparison to a few hours driving on the motorway. Or maybe the whole flying process takes too long for people wanting a quick break. Forget the confusing transport, many documents, and arduous packing, glamping allows you to rock up after minimal travel with hardly any possessions.

With glamping so popular, it suggests hotels have lost their touch. Hotels are notoriously not cheap, especially if you want all the alluring extras such as hot tubs. This is where glamping has the edge. Glamping gives a luxurious stay with all the exciting treats while still giving guests a taste of outdoor adventure through authentic experiences. The price tags may not differ much between some hotels and glamping solutions, however the contrasting experiences are incomparable.

Time is of the essence in the interconnected way of life of the modern day. Therefore, many holiday goers are keen to save up their holiday allowance and spread it across the year, opting for extended weekend adventures instead of weeklong chunks. An opulent glamping mini break is sure to satisfy guests, regardless of time.

With uncertainty tainting European holidays due to Brexit, many holidaymakers are shying away from possible effects and are tempted to stay within UK. Sykes Holiday Cottages found ¼ of holidaymakers were encouraged to holiday in the UK due to the prospect of Brexit. Only time will tell how the future of holidays will look, however the popularity of glamping is here to stay.

Glamping in the UK is Getting Bigger and Better

When glamping first became popular in the mid 2000s, the concept described a well kitted out tent, or maybe even a yurt. Now glamping has become well-established and encompasses the entire experience of luxury in the great outdoors. Glamping is more than being more comfortable in a tent – it’s a way of holidaying in exciting and luxurious ways in the countryside.

Train carriages, bespoke pods, treehouses, houseboats are just a few examples of the many imaginative and novel accommodations one can ‘glamp’ in. Staying within the UK does not mean comprising on uniqueness or missing out on seeing something new or unusual. Guests can have the experience of a lifetime without going to the other side of the world.

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