COVID 19 has been the catalyst for the biggest change of a generation. Everywhere you look there is a ‘new normal’ whether it be travel, socialising, family life or the workplace.

Even pre-COVID, the ‘work-from-home’ phenomenon was on the rise. 30 years ago, absence from the office was a rarity. The rise of freelancers, digital nomads, contractors, the self-employed has seen a shift toward flexible working hours and working from home has become a reality for many. Of course, this has been escalated by recent stay at home orders and reduced workplace accessibility.

We are seeing unprecedented numbers working from home and the line between professional and personal is becoming even more blurred.

At TRE3DOM we have suffered similar challenges….

And so, we have designed and are building TRE3DOM HQ; an office/bedroom/studio. We are using the same treehouse build methodology to create a unit that sits on the ground, does not require planning permission, takes a third of the time to construct and is a third of the price.

These are contemporary spaces that can be used as home offices, but they could also be used as a yoga studio, a workshop, an extra bedroom, the possible functionality is endless.

As with all good ideas, we seem to have stumbled across this one. Keep reading to find out how…

At TRE3DOM we are always playing, refining and experimenting with new design ideas; research and development remain a core value. For a while we have been toying with a new build methodology that will significantly cut down our time spent onsite. In order to test this concept, we first wanted to build a pod for ourselves that would double up as TRE3DOM HQ. The slowdown has given us the time and space to complete designs and begin construction.

Whether working from home is reality or a dream it is important to create a dedicated space…and so, what would you like your garden office look like?

Garden Pods

TRE3DOM’s Garden Pods work perfectly as home offices. They can help you to create a fun and innovative space to work in your back yard. The contemporary structures are unique, beautiful and sustainable; with materials sourced from local British suppliers. Their large windows and wood finish create a light space, ideal for working in. These offices are self-contained and built with weatherproof walls and ceilings, they come fully equipped and ready to use upon installation; not only are they secure and fully insulated but also come with fitted plug sockets and many more optional add-ons.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, you are certain to find one appropriate for your individual requirements and preferences.

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Obviously, a treehouse would make an excellent office, but of course we are going to say that at TRE3DOM. Made of the highest quality British materials, built using sustainable methodologies and with a life span of more than 50 years, they ooze luxury and comfort.

They’re incredibly spacious, providing more than enough room for a desk, chair, multiple storage units and any other necessary items required for getting work done efficiently. They are also highly insulated and feature airtight thermal fabric to ensure a comfortable internal space year-round.

Garden Tent

Garden tents aren’t just for weddings and garden parties! Great for providing shade in the summer months, this choice enables you to work outside when the sun’s out and even gives you the option of doubling up as guest accommodation when not in use.

This isn’t a product TRE3DOM provide but could be good if you are looking for a temporary, cheap solution.

Things to think about in your home office…

It doesn’t matter what type of garden office you have, what’s important is that it is a comfortable and safe space to work in. Here are some of our top tips that will help to increase concentration and productivity –

  • Desk – Ask TRE3DOM to install or purchase a desk that is wide enough for your computer and anything else necessary to do your work, positioning it so that it won’t be affected by sunlight.
  • Chair – The chair is one of the most important elements of your home office – you’ll be spending a large part of the day on it, so we advise investing in a high-quality one. Do some research into ergonomics and ensure that you are comfy and healthy for long periods in your office.
  • Storage & Shelving – Be sure to include enough shelves, drawers and filing cabinets in your garden office to store all your paperwork and accessories.
  • Plants – Placing some easy to maintain plants throughout your office will add a dash of colour to your workspace. Research has shown that plants can increase happiness and reduce stress.
  • Wi-Fi – It’s easy to get distracted when slow internet connection constantly disrupts your workflow so it can be extremely beneficial to install a Wi-Fi router within your office.
  • A pull-out bed – If your office can double up as a guest room then your increasing your ROI (return on investment). Ask TRE3DOM to install if interested.

And finally, tips for Working from Home

My brother and I have been working from home for years, it has its challenges! We thought it would be useful if we provided a few tips to ensure you stay productive….

Create a working space

Fashioning a dedicated space to work is an essential step in creating a work/life balance at home. The number one rule is not to work in bed! It can be tempting to climb back under the duvet with your computer on your lap and get to work – don’t do it! You may start associating your bed with work. Disastrous!

If you are fortunate to have a spare room or home office, great! If not, find a quiet corner or comfortable area to set up.

Perhaps you could fit a pod in the garden, these are the perfect home office solution. Not only will you have a private and dedicated space to focus on work, but also a contemporary and beautiful office. Escape the everyday distractions of the home and immerse yourself in nature to maximise innovation and productivity.

Your garden pod can become your evening retreat once you sign off for the day, offering a relaxing sanctuary for you to enjoy.

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Communicate with your co-workers

Working from home can be isolating, especially if you are not surrounded by others. Be sure to pick up the phone every now and again to stay in contact with your co-workers and friends.

You may not achieve the same level of office banter but having a quick catch up or virtual pub night on Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc can be a great laugh and really boost morale.

Just as you would take a quick break to chat or catch up in the office kitchen, be sure to take time out of working from home to check in with others.

Know when to switch off

While adjusting to working from home, you may find it hard to switch on and focus, but trouble also arises in knowing when and how to switch off.

You may find that because your computer is in easy reach, you are regularly working outside of work hours. From checking your emails to finishing up a project, you will undoubtedly be tempted to do work.

It is important to set daily and weekly goals and identify your limits. Do not compromise on family time or relaxing evenings with your partner because the line between professional and personal becoming blurred. Find your balance.

If you have regular working hours, then stick to those. Turn your computer off when you would normally leave the office and enjoy your time not spent commuting. Similarly, in the mornings avoid the temptation to sleep in until 8.55am and instead stick to a routine.

Create boundaries

Create boundaries when working from home to reduce distractions and keep your focus.

Physical boundaries, such as a creating a dedicated office are important, but so is communicating with those around you. It is all well and good having your dream garden office if no one disturbs you.

But kids can and will disturb the peace, there is every chance they will interrupt while your leading a presentation to a key client. It may get some laughs in the short term but could upset your flow and doesn’t look professional medium/long term.

If you live alone then create boundaries by muting group chats, putting on do not disturb, or simply turning your phone off. For housemates, you could make them aware of your working hours and when, therefore, you can and can not be disturbed.

For family, this may mean setting aside specific times for when they can come in and ask questions or get a quick cuddle. Door signs are a useful tool here; letting your family know when you are available for a chat and when, alternately, you are on a very important call which can’t be disturbed for a quick game.

Give yourself a break

When working from home, remember to give yourself a break, both figuratively and literally.

Just as you would in the office, get up from your desk every now and again for a drink or catch up with a friend. Even a brief wander around the garden can refocus your mind and bring a sense of calm. Having a beautiful view and being in close proximity to nature has been proven to increase productivity.

Find out more about garden offices and their many benefits;

As long as you communicate effectively with all relevant stakeholders and get the job done, you can reap all the benefits of working from home.

Garden Office Design & Build with TRE3DOM

If you’re interested in using a garden pod or treehouse as a garden office, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. We specialise in building these bespoke structures and can help you to design your office beforehand to ensure it has everything you require. All pods and treehouses we provide are tailored to your specific needs and requests.

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