Before embarking on your treehouse construction project, you’ll need to get planning consent. Though 75% of applications in the UK are approved, the planning permission process can be confusing and stressful to the uninitiated – especially when you just want to start creating your garden oasis!

Tre3dom has helped new and established holiday let businesses as well as private owners all over the UK apply for and obtain planning permission for their treehouses. Our stunning modular structures are low impact, stylish, and contemporary – the perfect addition to any outside space.

In this blog, we outline some of our top tips to help you achieve planning permission approval for your treehouse.

Submit Pre-Planning Application First

A pre-planning application is a bit like a dry run. It allows you to make contact with your Local Planning Authority (LPA) and test the waters, gauging what their reaction to such a project would be. Once they have provided feedback and advice on the pre-planning application, you can use what you’ve learnt to make changes and finetune your plans, so you have a better chance of success when it comes to the final submission. Any surveys paid for during the pre-application can be reused, so it’s the best way to get a feel for the council’s current standpoint and save yourself money in the long run.

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Make Application as Comprehensive as Possible

When it comes to planning permission, the more information you can provide, the better. A detailed and comprehensive application is much more likely to get approved because it will answer any queries and qualms the LPA might have. From market research to computer generated visuals to structural plans, your application can include a range of supplementary information to prove the feasibility of your project. Essentially, the council need to fully understand your plans and the impact it might have on the local area to come to a decision. So, make it easier for them – show them why your treehouse project will be a stunning addition to the area!

Think About the Trees

A treehouse structure has the potential to cause stress to trees, so it’s important to consider this in your application. Provide the LPA with information on how you will minimise the strain your structure causes on our leafy friends, and the rest of the environment too. Professionally designed treehouses will often use stilts and supports to minimise the load carried by surrounding trees. Our luxury treehouses, for example, are totally low impact, sitting on raised platforms that can be independent or built around a tree but without harming it. This point will be especially important if you want to build in a conservation area, national park, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Consider Your Design & Materials

A lot of planning is about how something looks, so think through the appearance of your project carefully – working with expert treehouse designers if you can! Making sure the proposed treehouse is discreet and in keeping with the local area and existing structures nearby will provide you with a much better chance of approval. And opting for something sympathetic with its environment doesn’t have to mean boring – just take a look at some of the stunning, contemporary, modular structures we create at Tre3dom!

Talk to Your Neighbours

Unfortunately, your neighbours may be upset to learn that you want to build something if they feel it will impact them. From changing their existing view to reducing their privacy to posing a loss of light, there are many potential reasons why a neighbour might object to your project. To combat this issue, the best thing to do is be open with the people you live near and chat to them about your plans. If they voice concerns, you can think of ways to combat them – altering the location slightly to prevent the treehouse from overshadowing them, or not placing big windows on a side that might overlook their garden, for example.

Do Your Research

Research is always going to help you put your best foot forwards. Why not look into previous planning decisions in the area and see if you can find any similar garden structures? If you can demonstrate in your application that there is a precedent for a project of this kind, your chances of success may increase.

If you’re considering running a holiday let, market research is also important. Exploring similar businesses in the community and what they add to the local economy will help you demonstrate the positive aspects of your project to the council. Simply put, a well-researched application is harder to argue with!

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Work With Your LPA, Not Against Them

Above all, don’t fight with your LPA. Work with them. These people aren’t your enemies, and they don’t want to spoil all your plans for the future. Though it can be frustrating to face difficulties and delays during the planning process, your LPA is just doing its job. If they have any concerns about your project, compromise and work with them to find a solution that keeps everyone happy.

Get Help from Specialist Treehouse Consultant

Working with a professional as early on in the process as possible is your best chance of planning permission approval. A planning consultant who has navigated the process for treehouse structures before will have invaluable insights into what factors make a successful application.

A specialist treehouse consultancy will even be able to offer design and construction alongside planning advice following approval – a full concept to build service. With wide-ranging expertise covering planning, structural considerations, the holiday let market, and much more, treehouse consultants provide you with the best chance of creating a comprehensive and robust proposal.

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Bespoke Treehouse Planning & Consultancy Services

Tre3dom designs and builds luxury treehouse structures for the glamping market and for private clients. We also offer professional treehouse consultancy services, helping people all over the UK realise their treehouse projects and navigate the planning permission process.

If you need help making your vision a reality, we’re here to help. Contact us to talk through your ideas today!

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