Since youth, most of us have dreamed of having our own treehouse. We all long to escape in the forest, exploring trees and daring heights. There is no end to the fun one could have reliving childhood playtimes. Being an adult doesn’t have to mean this childlike wonderment has to stop, in fact, it means you have more control and money to make the perfect fantasy retreat come to life.

Creating your childhood dream isn’t as simple as just building it; there are many ways you can accessorise and adapt your treehouse to be perfect. Once you’ve got the basics covered, you can explore the many add-ons you can have with your treehouse, detailing with the finishing touches. Why not take a look at our interior design blog to get you inspired?

Whether you are renting out the treehouse or keeping it all to yourself, make the most out of the unique space with intriguing accessories. We have gathered some of our favourite additions and sectioned them according to theme to ensure there is something for everyone. Don’t fit a mould; personalise your escape. Take a look and see how you can elevate your treehouse to the next level.


Depending on how ‘off-grid’ you wish to go, your treehouse could be removed from the 21st century, without WiFi, water, or electricity. Get back to nature with a cut off retreat in the woods. Relax with a book and embrace the natural world devoid of distractions.  Accessories are just that; optional extras we want but don’t need.

If you wish you have a little more comfort, or are renting out to others, then a toilet, shower, and sink are important. Consider including a kitchen with all the technological trimmings. Provided you can get the water and power supply, you can create a self-contained treehouse. Guests (and hardworking owners) will be glad for the independence of the treehouse, requiring little external intervention. Treat your guests to a TV or WiFi for when the weather inevitably gets gloomy. What’s more dreamy than snuggling up in a comfy bed surrounded by home comforts while the rain lashes down outside?

As long as you consider the purpose and application of your treehouse when planning, you can ensure everything is in place to create your dream. If building guest accommodation, elevate your guests’ stay with home comforts, but feel free to scale back to basics and embrace nature.


Although we know treehouses are really for adults, sometimes kids want to have a bit of fun too. Regardless of whether your treehouse is situated in your own garden or is let out to guests, if there are kids involved, your treehouse will become a playground.

Encourage some fun with a swing hanging from the tree. Or suspend a larger-than-life hammock under the stars to encourage exploration of the constellations.

Climbing up may be the fun part but install an exciting way to get down and make sure the kids are never late in for dinner. Consider a slide, fire pole, or even a zip line. Kids will love the endless fun these treehouse accessories can provide.

And if you happen to “test” it all out, no one would blame you…


Craft a secluded sanctuary for relaxation, escape, and tranquillity. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, simply a fluffy bath robe and huge bathtub would take your treehouse from regular to luxurious. If you have a deck, consider sun loungers for soaking up the rays during the day and sipping bubbly while star gazing at night.

Hot tubs are highly desired by prospective weekenders and retreat seekers. Romance mixed with the outdoors experience creates an undeniable appeal for couples. If you have people coming to stay, heat up the tub, put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge, and make their stay unforgettable. Guests will love their exclusive romantic spot, returning over and over to relive the magic.

You don’t have to spend lots of money or make it complicated; your treehouse can be transformed into a sanctuary with only a few small additions. See how you can create luxury in the trees, find out more about bespoke treehouses with TRE3DOM today. 

Extra Space

Don’t let anything stop you. If you want to build a castle in the tree, do it. If you want a self-contained house above ground, why not? Treehouses don’t have to be the tiny shed attached to a tree you remember from your childhood. You can make a huge treehouse if you wish.

Therefore, the final accessory for a treehouse on this list is another treehouse. Here at TRE3DOM, we are proud of our honeycomb configuration, where we help you attach multiple pods together and create the ultimate space. Whether you want a sleeping pod, a secluded spa, or kitchen area, extra pods are a great way to ensure there is space for everything you want. Give yourself the space you need.

If attaching multiple pods together is not for you, whether due to funds or space, consider maximising the space you have. Folding furniture helps create space when not in use. Multiuse spaces help maximise efficiency. Large windows extend the treehouse out into nature, giving the illusion of largeness.

Design and Build with TRE3DOM

We hope you are inspired by our ideas, however we have only scratched the surface. We have the experience and creativity to help make your childhood dream a reality. Whether you like the look of our pentagon or hexagon treehouses, or you want something unique, we can help you. Contact TRE3DOM today, experts in crafting bespoke treehouses.