The early stages of a treehouse project are important. It’s here that you define the way you approach the build, and your ideas first come to life. A feasibility study is invaluable at this point, allowing you evaluate your project properly before launching into anything. Not only will this protect you from risk, but it will also help you spot potential opportunities to enhance your plans further.

Tre3dom designs and builds stunning, contemporary treehouse structures and garden pods for private landowners, hotels, glamping businesses, and farmers all over the South West. We also offer a professional treehouse consultancy service to help you make the most of your investment.

In this blog, we explain what we mean by feasibility studies, and why they’re integral to project success.

What is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is a preliminary evaluation of key aspects of a potential building and construction project. It offers an immediate understanding of the build’s associated opportunities, costs, and risks, allowing people to gain a comprehensive understanding of the likelihood of success before embarking on the project in earnest. It is essentially a means of checking everything will work out, before committing significant financial resources to it.

For treehouse projects, a feasibility study conducted by a specialist provides you with all the information you need in one place to decide whether you want to proceed. More than that, it enables you to approach the project the right way the first time around. They also usually include an educated assessment of the likelihood of planning permission approval, allowing you to modify your plans if necessary. If the completed treehouse will be used as a holiday let, it can also detail the commercial viability of the venture.

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Do I Need a Feasibility Study for My Treehouse Project?

A feasibility study isn’t compulsory when it comes to building a treehouse on your land, but it is highly recommended. If you don’t have a professional carry out an in-depth assessment of your project before beginning construction, you may meet obstacles that could have been avoided, or not achieve the result you hoped for.

When it comes to treehouses, there’s a lot of information out there from a lot of different providers, and it can often be overwhelming working out what will work and what won’t. A feasibility study cuts through the noise and explains everything you need to know about the process, what it will cost, as well as your potential ROI. It will also allow you to double check that your site is suitable and identify the best position for your treehouse.

At Tre3dom, we offer feasibility studies as standard for all our consultancy clients. To us, nothing is more important that making sure you can achieve all that you envision for your treehouse. For more information about our service or to arrange your initial consultation, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today!

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What Does a Treehouse Feasibility Study Include?

Site Appraisal

Though a feasibility can be conducted remotely, we always encourage our clients to arrange a site visit with us so we can fully evaluate not only whether your proposed site is suitable, but also the treehouse’s best position.

Cost Assessment

Money isn’t everything, but it’s incredibly useful to get to grips with before setting off on your treehouse project. Not only will our studies provide guidance on the likely costs you will face, but it will also protect you from the risk of sending off a planning permission application before you’re ready, only for it to be rejected.

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Project Viability

As well as commercial viability and ROI, a feasibility study will evaluate everything from timescales to potential issues and planning constraints. If the project is deemed viable, It will also outline how to maximise the project’s potential based on the research that has been carried out.

Environmental Impact

At Tre3dom, the environment is important to us. As such, all our treehouses are as low impact as possible, made using natural materials, and standing on stilts rather than damaging trees. During our feasibility study, we will help you identify ways to minimise the project’s impact at every turn.

Planning Permission

Feasibility studies also provide an insight into planning permission. Based on our research, we’ll suggest your likelihood of planning permission success if you proceed with your current plans. That means you can modify the design or structure if necessary before you send off your full application, avoiding any unnecessary costs.

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A proposal is created following a feasibility study with information covering all of the above alongside recommendations for access, services, style, size, and much more. It will present these through a few different conceptual ideas, to allow you to get a feel of what your treehouse might look like. Once you’ve got a route that has captured your imagination, the real fun begins.

Make Your Treehouse Project a Success with Tre3dom

If you’ve got a treehouse project in mind and want to set yourself up for success, contact our treehouse experts. During an initial consultation, we’ll take the time to understand your tastes, ambitions, and the particularities of your site. Then, we’ll conduct a detailed feasibility study to fully evaluate the project’s potential. Ready to begin? We can’t wait to get started.

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