Who doesn’t dream of having their own playhouse in the trees? Kids certainly do! And frankly so do adults. Creating the ultimate children’s playhouse is no mean feat, but having a treehouse certainly helps.

Here at TRE3DOM, we specialise in crafting luxury eco treehouses for a variety of uses. From guest accommodation to a children’s fantasy playroom, we know how to bring dreams to life.

We have put together this guide as to why treehouses make the ultimate children’s playhouse. Take a look at why we believe treehouses rule.

Why Treehouses Make the Ultimate Children’s Playhouse

Private Space

As lovely as it is to play with others, sometimes kids just want to do their own thing and have their own adventures. Letting them have their own space gives them a great deal of independence and responsibility. Why not let the kids pick out wallpaper or some furniture and let them decorate the space as they would like? They are sure to love their personalised playhouse.

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Having a playhouse located outside the house is great for parents too, who can keep a watchful eye from the window and not have to worry about clearing up toys from the kitchen floor. They can store their toys in the treehouse and clear up their own mess – what a dream! Even better when friends are round, and the children’s’ giggles are contained in the playhouse. Children can have a fun slumber party in their own playhouse without disturbing the whole family. Win-win! 


Get your treehouse built by experts and get peace of mind knowing your children are safe. Your children’s safety is a top priority, so you want a safe playhouse in which you know they will be safe.

At TRE3DOM, we have years of experience building luxury treehouses to a premium standard, crafting solid treehouses designed to last the years. There’s no need for parents to worry about precariously placed nails or wobbly wooden boards when professionals construct treehouses. Whether you opt for one of our treehouses or create your own bespoke design, our team ensure safety at all times, so you can enjoy your treehouse without a single worry.

Endless Accessory Possibilities

A treehouse is a gift that keeps on giving. Think about all the fun extras you can add to the treehouse, such as swing or a slide, making the perfect birthday present! Children will gladly spend their days in their treehouse playhouse, ready to slide down for dinner.

There are so many accessory options everyone will be spoilt for choice. Exterior extras such as a large hammock will go down a treat on a hot summers’ day. But don’t neglect the interior! Look at funky light fixtures or undertake the ultimate DIY project and make your own curtains and cushions. For minimal effort, string up some fairy lights and create a garden sanctuary. There really is no limit to the fun one could have while accessorising a treehouse.

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Not only do you know where your children are, you know they are warm and dry. As fun as it may be for children, parents dread the loads of washing that follow a day spend playing in the freshly cut grass and mud. Knowing your children are playing indoors gives you and your washing machine peace of mind.

Perfect for hiding away from the sun’s rays on a hot day, treehouses are the ultimate children’s retreat. But treehouses are also great for a cold winter’s day. Pad out the interior with cushions and blankets to create a welcoming haven for a chilly day. Adapting your treehouse to the seasons ensures you get use out of it year-round.

Last the Years

Professionally constructed treehouses are built to last the years, and that is what they do. So, while you may have purchased your treehouse as a children’s playhouse, its use may change over the years. As the children grow up, the treehouse may become less of a playhouse and more of an independent space to chill with friends, study, or just escape. Then once children have gone through their teenage years, the treehouse may once again change, perhaps into spare accommodation, a home office, or a garden bar!

Treehouses make the ultimate escape for children and parents alike. Its use can adapt with its users and their wants. While children want to run wild in a playhouse for hours, as they grow older they will want different things, and they will treasure their special retreat. At TRE3DOM we are proud to craft high quality treehouses with a life cycle of over 50 years, enabling childlike wonderment across generations.

Dream Come True

The number one reason treehouses make the ultimate children’s playhouse is because they are the stuff of dreams. Every child is fixated on running wild amongst the trees and having their own woodland escape. With a treehouse to play in, children are literally living their dream. Children have the time of their lives, and parents get peace of mind knowing their children are nearby.

It’s the big kids, the fully-grown adults, that truly enjoy treehouses the most anyway. Pretend you are treating the kids, when really you are investing in a garden sanctuary. No one would blame you. Indulge and make your own dreams come true!


Luxury Treehouses with TRE3DOM

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