The idea of a treehouse has long been associated with children — a wooden escape up high in the treetops for embarking on fun adventures, playing imaginary games and taking refuge from the adults. And, even if we didn’t have one growing up, most of us would probably admit to longing for one.

In recent years, treehouses have become much more than simply a plaything for kids. Now, the idea of a treehouse is proving to be a popular landscape element for adults and architects. And we’re not talking about the simplistic combination of a few nails, wooden planks and a lick of paint. Today, adult treehouses come in all kinds of stunning designs, allowing grownups to live out their childhood dreams with a bit more luxury and sophistication.

If having a space perched high above the daily cares of life sounds like something you could get on board with, we’ve compiled a list of treehouse ideas for adults which might just pique your interest.

Home Office

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the number of people working from home in the UK and beyond has dramatically increased. This, combined with the advancement of technology making it much easier to work from any location, has led to a rise in professionals preferring to work from the comfort of their own homes rather than make the exhausting commute to the office.

For those who lack space in their homes for the addition of a desk and computer setup, an adult treehouse provides the dream alternative. Instead of dealing with the daily distractions of home life whilst juggling meetings and deadlines, a treehouse offers a peaceful and private escape to power through your to-do list.

Working from an external space also enables you to draw a line between home and work life whilst working from home, switching off and unwinding after you’ve closed the treehouse door and finished for the day.

Entertainment Room

Who says all the fun and games are reserved for children’s treehouses? The additional external space is a great way to entertain. Maybe you want to create a cosy and snug cinema room fitted with the best immersive sound system setup. Perhaps you’re an avid gamer and you want to create a space with quirky décor and neon lighting to kick back and have fun. Or, maybe you want to keep things old school, creating a safe and calming nook to host your phone-free family board game nights. Whatever your preference, adult treehouses provide the ideal setting for a unique escape.

Health and Fitness Hub

Nestled in nature, treehouses provide a perfect getaway to nurture your wellbeing. What better way to release stress and unwind than in a gorgeously designed sanctuary away from the chaos of daily life?

An adult treehouse filled with lots of natural light and beautiful views of nature will be sure to provide you with that much-needed pocket of peace. Whether you’re an avid gym bunny or more into more zen wellness rituals such as yoga and meditation, you can design the fitness retreat of your dreams.

If you’re considering building a custom contemporary treehouse, you’ll need to consider the fact that you may need to obtain planning consent. For tips and advice on obtaining successful planning permission for treehouses, check out our recent blog.

Holiday Let

In recent years, the travel industry has seen a surge of interest in tiny spaces, glamping sites and contemporary treehouses. As a result, this building type is becoming an increasingly popular choice for holiday lets and Airbnb properties. The small and sleek design makes for easy management and the unique experience it provides ensures hosts won’t be short of bookings throughout the seasons.

At Tre3dom, we work with a range of clients, from private landowners to farmers to start up rental businesses with luxury and contemporary eco-treehouses. We offer a unique opportunity to diversify business lines and achieve yields of up to 50 percent and a payback of between two and three years. If you’re interested, why not utilise our Returns Analysis Calculator to estimate your potential income?

Contemporary Treehouses for Outdoor Living, Working and Playing

Whatever your needs or interests, the possible functionality of a custom built treehouse is quite honestly endless. At Tre3dom, we are a family-run business based in the South West of England with profound expertise in creating adaptable spaces for a changing world. We design and build contemporary treehouses, supporting clients from concept to completion. So, whether you’re looking for a unique accommodation solution or a fantastic investment opportunity, our team would love to provide a helping hand. Get in touch today or download our brochure.

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