If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design the interior of your treehouse, then you’ve come to the right place. In this mini guide we explain some of our favourite treehouse design ideas and help you decide how best to create an interior that reflects what you need.

What is the Purpose of your Treehouse?

When it comes to the décor and interior design of your treehouse, the possibilities are endless.

However, before you even start to think about picking curtains or choosing the type of lights, we recommend taking into consideration the purpose of your treehouse and how it’ll predominantly be used as this will inevitably impact its layout and the furniture you’ll want to incorporate.

If you’re a holiday rental company and your treehouse will be used as guest glamping accommodation, you’ll need to think about the character and personality you want to create. A treehouse for the family is likely to be decorated very differently to that of a romantic hideaway, for example. The furnishings and fittings will also be different to that of a private treehouse being used as a home office.

Whatever the use, making the most out of the interior and creating a design that suits you is important. Here at TRE3DOM, all of our contemporary treehouses ooze luxury, so regardless of how you plan to use it, we ensure it gives off the wow-factor.

How to Maximise Space

In order to maximise the space you have available and ensure you get the most from your treehouse, we recommend utilising multipurpose or foldaway furniture wherever possible. Sofa beds, for instance, are perfect as they provide you with not only a comfy night’s sleep but also somewhere to sit and relax during the day.

Wall mounting your TV is another logical space-saving solution. Accompany this with stylish floating shelves and you have a complete entertainment area without taking up any floor space.

Natural light is great for creating that spacious feeling. So, make sure your treehouse features large windows to open up the space and make it appear larger.

Consider a Theme

Another thing we suggest thinking about is deciding whether or not you want your treehouse to have a theme. A well-executed motif can give you a sense of direction and makes sure the inside of your treehouse is just as quirky as the outside. Here are three of our favourite themes that you can draw inspiration from…


Often, the best designs are those that reflect a classic English country feel. Treehouses are crafted using the finest quality wood so certain colours are naturally going to complement this traditional material.

Tartan is a popular option, for example, as it helps to emphasise a very cosy and homely atmosphere.

It’s entirely up to you what materials you decide to use but we advise making sure the patterns and colours match as it’ll help to ensure a high-spec interior finish.


At TRE3DOM, the treehouses we design and build are very much contemporary. There’s no rules to follow if you’re looking to achieve a contemporary look as personal preference will largely impact your choices.

Pick a colour palette and stick to it throughout your treehouse. Dark colours like black and grey are in trend at the moment, but more colourful options like green and blue are also popular choices.

We advise using a mix of metal and glass but we also recommend making use of structural elements like exposed wooden walls for added character and personality.


Another popular theme is to opt for a forest or jungle theme. You’ll naturally want to include plenty of green but also remember to utilise earthy browns, soft tans and a selection of floral decorations.

Country Lodge

Or if you’re wanting your treehouse to feel more like a country-style lodge you’ll want to introduce rustic wooden ornaments and furniture as well as colours such as warm reds, golds and bronzes.


Treehouses make great spaces for living in at all times of the year, so another good idea is to ensure its interior reflects the current season. This can include colourful and flowerful curtains in the summer and Christmas decorations towards the end of the year.

You may also want to consider adding in extra heaters during winter and fans during the summer to help maintain a comfortable temperature all-year round.

Treehouse Design & Build with TRE3DOM

If you’d like to learn more about treehouses and how to get one that suits your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with TRE3DOM today. We specialise in designing and building bespoke treehouses that are tailored to your individual requests and requirements.

Our friendly team can listen to what you want and help ensure you find the perfect treehouse.

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