TRE3DOM design and build contemporary treehouses, a great investment and/or accommodation solution for private landowners, farmers, hotels, glamping operations and alike.

Our Treehouses are simply Garden Pods that sit in the trees. The current range comprises two distinct designs; the Hexagon and the Pentagon – or we can help you design and build a bespoke treehouse.

Due to the modular nature of the pod, your hexagon or pentagon can as big or small as you would like. The platform (turning your pod into a treehouse) is designed and constructed specific to each site. The platform sits on stilts that are grounded using screw-piles, or the pod can be attached to nearby trees using a combination of steel cables and stilts.

TRE3DOM collaborates with each customer to ensure an interior that fits their specific needs. Our Treehouses are designed to be adaptable spaces, flexibility and customer preference remain our focus. They can be customised and finished to accommodate individual preferences and optional extras can be added as required.