Want to stand out from the crowd? We have handpicked some of the most unique accommodation ideas to inspire holiday rental companies. From nostalgic stays on trains to adventurous safari-themed getaways, there will be something here to interest you.


Staying on the water offers guests a tranquil experience. Self-catered and free to roam the canals, houseboats are ideal for letting your guests be independent. The peaceful surrounding water combined with the sound of birds chirping is sure to relax guests by being at one with nature. Offer one-night stays for weekenders keen to get outside, or weeklong rentals to allow ultimate exploration for those eager to experience canal life. Surprisingly roomy, a cosy canal boat is a perfect retreat, being both a homely sanctuary as well as a chance to explore waterways and nature. Give your guests a sense of ultimate freedom.


Though modified train accommodation is stationary, guests will be transported back in time. Promote feelings of nostalgia from the golden era of steam in a truly wonderful setting. Wonderment for the young. Memories for the old. Certainly, an experience guests will treasure forever. Watch as the unique getaway is posted all over social media, advertised by guests in admiration, and booked up by viewers in wonder.


When planning a romantic retreat, couples look for privacy, so what’s better than having their own secluded hut? Cosy and contained, huts and wagons provide couples with their own space. Occasionally with additions such as hot tubs, the romance is undeniable. Self-contained wagons and huts are the ultimate dreamy retreat. They are also the perfect off-grid retreat for those keen to leave behind the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Get your guests out into the countryside and encourage them to turn their phone off, cook outside, and walk in the woodland. Watch as relaxation overcomes them.

Safari Lodges

Give your guests the ultimate staycation. On a sunny day, who’s to say they aren’t on safari in the heart of Africa? Safari lodges are the ultimate glamping experience, edging on camping itself! Guests stay in a decorated tent structure kitted out with all the essentials, allowing them to get outside without having to leave any home comforts behind. Perhaps more suitable for a summer getaway, many of the tents have an open front to expose gorgeous views of the countryside. Young guests (and secretly older ones) will revel in the chance to be a safari ranger in the great outdoors.

Historic conversion

Whether it be an old church or country house, offer your guests a unique stay basked in history. Get a sense of the past and indulge in history. Stunning church architecture is sure to wow guests with exposed beams, high ceilings, and stained-glass windows. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy the unique chance to relive the past and explore the history of where they are staying. Nothing excites curious minds more than peeking into the lives of others, past and present.


We, of course, saved the best till last.

Help your guests live out their childhood fantasy by renting out a treehouse. Inspire childlike elation and let your guests run wild. Not only will guests love the novelty of staying in an authentic treehouse, but they will also indulge their inner desire to discover hidden wonders in the woodland and forget the real world. A sense of relaxation will overwhelm them, as they lie back and take in the surrounding beauty. Offer something unforgettable. Offer something special.

Running a treehouse rental could mean running a business literally from your back garden. Consider how you can optimise your business from providing breakfast to creating luxury hampers. Why not invest in a hot tub to up the romance? Or a calming hammock? Your guests will be forever grateful.

TRE3DOM have an excellent selection of bespoke treehouses, as well as the expertise to help you design your treehouse. With life cycles of over 50 years, sustainable designs and limitless add-ons, your treehouse will make for a perfect holiday home. We know you will love it so much; you will want to keep it all to yourself…

The Ultimate Holiday Home

To conclude, this helpful guide is an insight into what is available to elevate your B&B or campsite from mediocre to extraordinary. There are so many weird and wonderful accommodation options to choose from, there is no one superior choice.

Find your perfect match. Give your guests an unforgettable holiday.

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