Treehouse Consultancy Services

Supporting you from concept and design through to a successful planning application

Treehouses are bespoke products that require specialist and sometimes complex planning applications. These applications can be high risk and costly. TRE3DOM has devised a process that gives you the best chance of a successful planning application, minimising risk and ensuring you don’t waste time or money.

We can support you throughout the process; from conception, to design, throughout planning permission to construction. Alternatively, you can define how much help you want – tell us how best we can support your project during any part of the process.

Interested in a treehouse? The first consultation is free. Our first meeting will give you an understanding of how we work, our products and services and what you can expect from TRE3DOM. This is the first step in making the dream a reality and we will begin to clarify the next steps.

Where do you start? This is a question we get asked all the time and is precisely why we offer a desktop feasibility study. There is a lot of information out there and it is often overwhelming. The feasibility study gives you all the information you need in one place allowing you to get a clear understanding of the project, its commercial viability and the likelihood of planning permission success.

*a feasibility study can be completed without a site visit, although we would always recommend especially with complex projects

Each Treehouse is as unique as its site. Therefore, a site visit is the logical next step. A TRE3DOM surveyor will visit your site to assess the possible locations, access, services, style, size etc.

Following the visit, a proposal is created and presented. The purpose of this document is to provide several conceptual ideas for the site and to give you an understanding of associated costs, income, return on investment and best next steps.