Garden rooms can be unique and exciting; far more tailormade and comfortable than a repurposed shed. In order to make your garden room an engaging and striking addition to your garden, here are 7 ideas to inspire you!

Bespoke Garden Room Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Home/Garden Office

Working from home is here to stay! We believe that it is becoming increasingly important to have a dedicated space at home to work, a home office for when not onsite at your work office. There are many proven advantages such as improved concentration, clear work/life balance, increased productivity and a shorter commute. Create a comfortable sanctuary meters away from the distractions of home life where you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Given the adaptable nature of the spaces we design our units can easily be repurposed into a guest room, studio, gym or library; the options are endless.

At TRE3DOM we champion the use of our garden pods as office pods, as we believe they are the perfect space to call your own and get down to business. Read our blog to find out more about creating your dream office pod.

  1. Embrace Surroundings

Whatever the purpose of your garden pod, make sure it embraces the surroundings. Your garden room can be different to the main house, contemporary design allows for a unique space that is one with the outdoors and nature. TRE3DOM’s pods use locally sourced materials and natural design to ensure they sit lightly in their environment.

Whether it be a yoga studio, art room, or just extra space, a garden room can be an asset to any garden big or small.

  1. Modern Treehouse

Get the adult version of a childhood dream with modern, expertly crafted treehouses. TRE3DOM treehouses are tailored to your requirements, each individual and often based on our two most popular designs: hexagon and pentagon. With high quality craftsmanship, multiple spaces and stylish additions, our treehouses are the ideal adult retreat, suiting use as guest accommodation, an office, teenage den and more!

Find out more about our treehouses and get the ultimate creative and elevated garden room.

  1. Extra Accommodation

Garden pods provide useful extra space which can easily be turned into guest accommodation, for friends and family or even paying guests. As a garden room is detached from the house, they offer privacy and independence, but as they are so close to home, also ensuring guests have everything they need.

If you are considering using a garden room (perhaps even a treehouse) as a B&B or guest accommodation, be sure your room has everything it needs. Things to consider include internet connection, shower room, kitchen appliances, or even a hot tub to attract glamping reservations.

See more: What Kind Of ROI to Expect With A Treehouse B&B Business

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Architecture

Let natural elements into your garden room and embrace the great outdoors, all while providing a shaded, dry space. Natural light is proven to help concentration and reduce stress, as well as exposure to timber, which is also known to ignite feelings of relaxation. Incorporate the outdoors into your garden room with large windows, bifold doors and many plants.

  1. Themed Retreat

A nook in the garden where your contemporary pod sits can become a magical area for entertaining or relaxing if well crafted, a great way to easily change up the look and feel of your garden. Completely reimagine an old shed and repurpose the wood to create a romantic nook for two, themed with traditional English patterns, chairs and even tea sets. Or create a Mediterranean themed den for summer parties with cushions and throws.

However you choose to theme your garden room, be sure to make it a permanent built fixture which can be used again and again over the years.

  1. Year-Round Use

Change up your garden room with the seasons to ensure you get year-round use out of it. As the UK weather changes, your pod needs to be ready for it.

Temperature control is a hugely significant aspect of year-round use that may be overlooked in simple garden rooms. At TRE3DOM our proven methods of timber housing construction methodologies alongside high performance insulation and mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems ensure your garden pod is perfectly warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Get Started with TRE3DOM

If you are looking for the ideal garden pod, get in touch with TRE3DOM. Our striking garden pods and treehouses are the perfect addition to any garden. Hand crafted and expertly designed to your exact requirements, our creations are bespoke to you and your vision. Check out our contemporary treehouses and striking garden pods.

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