When working from home there can be many distractions, work/life balance can be disrupted and productivity severely impacted. Those who take the time to plan and decorate a dedicated home office space, tailored to their needs and likes, benefit from increased motivation, productivity and creativity. An inspiring home office can change the way you work, and become a private, personal space for all your creative outputs.

Here are some top tips to help you get out of a rut and transform an uninviting workspace to an enticing hub of creativity. For more advice, check out our blog on working from home effectively and productively.

How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

Decorate to Your Tastes

Whether you prefer a practical or stylistic approach to décor, decorating a home office is a simple way to take it from a neglected to an inspiring place. Common decorating themes for home offices include minimalist, vintage, bright colour, and architectural design. Whatever your preferred tastes, find a style that inspires you and ignites creativity. Colours and textures may help; the colour green is linked to creativity, blue to calming, and red to energy.

Decorating a home office does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming task; gallery walls filled with posters, prints and photographs are an inexpensive way to showcase pieces of inspiration, for example. Even the purchase of a vintage furniture piece, a second-hand bookshelf, or some paint can make a world of difference to the appearance of a home office, and therefore help creativity flow.

Get Outside the House

Garden offices are overwhelmingly popular in 2021, and there’s good reason for it. Garden offices are close enough to home for all the essentials but disconnected enough to create the ultimate private, secluded space. The act of leaving the front (or back!) door and entering a new space can reset your frame of mind from home to work mode, unleashing far more creative potential than a laptop on the kitchen table ever could!

If you are looking the perfect garden office, TRE3DOM can help. Our contemporary garden pods make for ideal offices, yoga studios, hobby rooms, painting spaces and much more. With customisable features, striking geometric design, roomy interiors and many options for personalisation, our garden pods make working from home a dream. Whether you want to work, relax or get creative, get inspired by our 7 bespoke garden pod ideas.

Embrace Other Creative Forms

Creating a home office isn’t just about having a space to work, but also somewhere personal where you can get creative. To maximise the creativity in your home office space, bring in your easel, guitar, origami kit, sewing equipment or whatever your hobby is. Your hobby may become a much-needed stress reliever or creativity igniter when you get stuck procrastinating. It’s important that your home office not only looks good, but also makes you feel good, so having your favourite creative items in there too can assign positivity to your office.

Decorate with Natural Materials

Nature is known to calm and reduce stress, ideal for a home office environment. Simple ways to incorporate nature into a home office include having desk plants/flowers, using wooden furniture, allowing plenty of natural light in, or even having undisrupted views of the garden. These elements will add great benefits to any home office in terms of mood and productivity, as well as look pleasant.

At TRE3DOM we build all our quality structures using locally sourced sustainable timber for durability and environmental benefit. We appreciate the impact people have on the environment and aim to create striking spaces that embrace nature with sustainability and eco-friendliness at the foundation of all we do.


Messiness and disorganisation can inhibit creativity and productivity, massively delaying any work in a home office. The most effective home offices are clean and tidy, with various storage and organisation solutions available such as drawers, folders and separators. Organisation doesn’t have to mean style is compromised, as bright colours, trinkets and accent pieces can still be used to brighten up any shelves or storage units. A pleasant tidy space helps to encourage efficient and effective work.

Creative Garden Offices with TRE3DOM

We craft beautiful garden pods and treehouses to create the perfect escape for adults, whether as an office, yoga studio or income-generating accommodation. Working closely with you at every stage of the journey, we ensure perfection, starting with initial consultation, through to conceptual design, right through to crafting and delivery. Our helpful and supportive team are on hand to assist you and make your visions become a reality.

Get in touch to get started on your garden office pod!

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